I am a huge fan of pets. I think they can be both fun and educational for the whole family. Our family has two cats and a dog. We've had two other cats, one died of FIP and one we had to give up due to a long distance move. I've also had fish but had limited success at the time (some time I'll do it again).

I call my dog my "14 year dog" because I waited through 14 years of marriage for my wife to be ready to undertake having a dog in the house. Not that I begrudge my wife, but she was not ready and I was willing to wait (mostly patiently). We registered our dog as "Chip's Golden Dream Rí" with the American Kennel Club (AKC). We normally call him "Rí" (pronounced "ree") which is Irish Gaelic for "king".

We are in the process of purchasing our first home (it's about time). Here is a link to pictures of Rí at the new house. The first photo was taken before we owned the house, the second was taken in one of our first snow storms at the new house.


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We have two cats. Our oldest was a free cat we received from someone I knew at work. She is a spitting image of a Russian Blue, although neither of her parents nor any of her siblings looked like her. We call her "Gris" (pronounced "gree") which is French for "gray". We should have named her "bleu" which is French for "blue". Our younger cat was a barn cat who was free as a kitten. When we took him home he was badly infested with both fleas and ear mites. His ears were so badly infected that the inside of his ears were pitch black (no skin showing). A visit to the vet and some medication later he was clean and clear of infections. We named him "Charbon" (pronounced "shar-bone") which is French for "coal". He is black with white paws and a white bib. He hardly makes a sound, just a peep of a meow when he needs something. Neither cat likes the dog much, especially Charbon who has even resorted to making our bed a litter box to avoid seeing the dog.


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