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This is a picture of 6 generations of male lineage.

Left to right:
George (1828-1880)
George E. Sr (1870-1958)
George E. Jr (1905-2002)
George E. III (1936-)
George E. IV (1964-)
Emmet T. (1988-)
Ryan K. (1991-)


When I was 12 years old I had to do a family tree for a boy scout project. My mother suggested I write to my paternal grandfather for his assistance. He sent me a nice letter and a hand sketched pedigree chart showing four generations for that half of my family tree.

My paternal grandfather is also a very good story teller. When I was a young child he would tell us stories about fairies and other children (all original stories). As I grew older I learned much about my ancestors from his non-fiction stories.

Eventually I again became interested in recording the family tree. So I collected all the information he had, including the original tree (which my mother had saved). I frequently encouraged him to tell whatever stories he could recall. Many of his stories I have committed to memory.

Several years ago I purchased Reunion. I entered all the information I had. Then I solicited information from various members of my wife's family. I also convinced my mother's oldest sister to share some of her hard earned research with me. All of this was faithfully entered in my Reunion family file. But much of my information was unsubstantiated by documents.

In June of 1999 I finally started doing my own research. I discovered on the internet directions to a National Archives branch office which held census information. I visited the center for the first time with my eldest son. Together we learned how to use their resources. And by the time we left (after a mere two hours) we'd successfully found one ancestor in an 1870 census. That find also netted three previously unknown children and three possible step-children.

I made subsequent trips by myself and with my wife. Each time I've had
good success in meeting personal goals. Each trip fills in additional details in the portrait. As the names, dates, and places become more clear, I come closer to utilizing other research tools.

As I find new information, I will update my database and subsequently these web pages. Feel free to peruse the the information. Be sure to let me know if you find any possible matches. You may also contact me to request additional information. Please keep in mind that any images on these pages are my own or under my control and require my permission prior to reuse.

Thank you and enjoy.


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