I have been a licensed ham since 1992. One day while purchasing some CB equipment in Radio Shack, a local ham suggested that I might want to consider ham radio. I knew of ham radio since my Grandfather and Uncle were hams, but I'd never really considered it. I was frustrated with the status of CB radio locally (interference, vulgarities, etc) so I purchased a copy of a study guide while I was there. I studied during lunch at work every day for two weeks. Then I searched for the closest test that week and drove over an hour to take my test. After a long 7.5 week wait, my new license came in the mail. I was thrilled.

Years later I was reading QST, the ARRL's official magazine, when I found an article on a gentleman who'd convinced his daughter to get her license with the offer of a reward of her choice. The scheme had worked for him, so I thought I'd give it a try. After two years of studying, in November of 2001 my eldest son successfully passed his ham test. Now I'm starting to work on my wife and youngest son.

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